Full Automatic Polishing Line for Slabs
(Beit Mery, Lebanon)

This project is made for Mrs. Hajj Art Stone, in Beit Mery, lebanon.

This project is composed of 6 machines and 4 moving tables:
Polishing Machine for Slabs (130cm)
Calibrating Machine 2 Heads (2 machines)
Sizing Machine 12 Disks
Flip Over Robot
Stone Sorter 12 Disks
Moving Table (4 tables)

1- This polishing machine is used to polish the slabs of marble. It works with full automatic system. This machine can also work with manual mode. The number of polishing heads can be changed upon request.
This machine works with PLC system.

2- The calibrating machine works with full automatic system. It is used to correct the thickness of the slabs of marble before polishing. This machine can also work with manual mode.
This machine works with PLC system.

3- The sizing machine is composed of 2 parts, each part has 6 disks. The 2 parts cut the slabs in 2 opposite directions, to finally get tiles with requested width and length.
This machine works with PLC system.

4- The robot flips over the slabs. Here, in this case, the robot flips over the slab after going out from the first calibrating machine and before going to the second calibrating machine, in order to correct the thickness of slabs in 2 sides.
This machine works with PLC system.

5- This stone sorter machine is stable in performance, convenient in installation, operation and maintenance. It is one of our processing machines designed and manufactured by our company.
To work with this machine, first put a tile on the table, and insert the parameter of the cutting width that you wish to have. This machine cuts the tile into small tiles (pieces) starting from 15×15mm until 100×100mm.
It works in manual mode. The table moves in manual mode. Putting hydraulic oil is necessary to move the table on the rails.

6- The moving tables are used to move slabs from one machine to another, all along the polishing line.
This machine works with PLC system.

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