Movable Bridge Cutting Machine

The HK-0104/B Movable Bridge Cutting Machine is fully automatic.
The table moves up 80 degrees to allow putting the slab on the table, then it goes back to the normal position to allow cutting. The table rotates 45 and 90 degrees.
The disk moves up and down, forward and backward automatically. It is laser guided. The movement of the disk is regulated by an inverter with perfect accuracy, high reliability allowing easy operation.
This machine allows cutting multiple slabs in the same time (per examples 7 slabs per 20mm of thickness each); we can reach to 150mm of thickness.
All functions in this machine are automatic, only changing the measurements is manual. But we can also produce this machine with full automatic system (PLC), where also the measurements will be controlled automatically.
We can move this machine wherever we want.

Place of Origin: Al Baddawi – Lebanon
Ref: 0104/B Movable Bridge Cutting Machine
Brand Name: HUK
Model Number: HK-0104/B
Type: Stone & Marble Cutting Machine
Condition: New


Technical Features Technical Data
Disk diameter (mm) 400-500
Thickness of slab to be processed (mm) 150
Useful cutting length (mm) 3200
Size of worktable (L×W) (mm) 2500×2000
Table angle (degrees) 45-90
Main motor power (kw) 15
General power (kw) 18.5
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 4880×3800×2050
Motor Power (kW)
Motor for the disk (RPM: 1420rotation) (Qty:1) 15
One Gearbox to move up and down (Qty:1) 0.5
One Gearbox to move the head of the disk (Qty:1) 0.75
Motor for moving the table (RPM: 1420rotation) (Qty:1) 2.25
Optional Features*  
PLC System  
* The price will increase for every optional feature added to the machine.  
* Also some technical data may change.  

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