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Polishing Machine for Tiles (100cm)

Place of Origin: Al Baddawi – Lebanon
Ref: 0206/A Polishing Machine for Tiles (100cm)
Brand Name: HUK
Model Number: HK-0206/A
Type: Stone & Marble Polishing Machine
Condition: New

This machine is used to polish the tiles of marble. It works with full automatic system. The diamond heads (calibration) are used to correct the thickness of the tiles. This machine can also work with manual mode. The number of polishing and diamond heads can be changed upon request.
The machine works with PLC system.

Calibrating heads count (nb.) 2
Polishing heads count (nb.) 8
Useful polishing width (mm) 250-1000
Useful polishing thickness (mm) 12-80
General power (kw) 93
Air pressure (bar) 2-5
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 10000×1700×2300
Total weight (kg) 8200
Motor for the calibrating head (RPM: 1420rotation) (Qty:2) 22.5
Motor for the polishing head (Qty:8) 5.5
One Gearbox to move the polishing heads (Qty:1) 1.5
One Gearbox to move the belt (Qty:1) 1.5
Two Gearbox to increase/decrease width (Qty:2) 0.5
* The price will increase for every optional feature added to the machine.  
* Also some technical data may change.