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Single Head Grinding Machine

Place of Origin: Al Baddawi – Lebanon
Ref: 0204/A Single Head Grinding Machine
Brand Name: HUK
Model Number: HK-0204/A
Type: Stone & Marble Polishing Machine
Condition: New

This machine is suitable for grinding marble and stone. It works with automatic mode, and it has 2 side tables and 1 main table. The side tables help to load and unload the slabs to the machine.

Useful grinding width (mm) 300-2200
Useful grinding thickness (mm) 20-80
Size of worktable (L×W) (3 tables) (mm) 2500×2000
Main motor power(kw) 4.0
General power (kw) 7.0
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 7000×2650×1800
Motor for the head (RPM: 1420rotation) (Qty:1) 4.0
Motor for oil tank (RPM: 1420rotation) (Qty:1) 1.5
One Gearbox to move head of the disk (Qty:1) 0.375
One Gearbox to move the first side table (Qty:1) 0.375
One Gearbox to move the belt (Qty:1) 0.75