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Edge Splitting Machine V.1

Place of Origin: Al Baddawi – Lebanon
Ref: 0113/A Edge Splitting Machine V.1
Brand Name: HUK
Model Number: HK-0113/A
Type: Stone & Marble Cutting Machine
Condition: New

This machine splits tiles in 2 parts.
To work with this machine, first put the tile in vertical way on the belt, and adjust the thickness of the 2 parts that we wish to have. The thickness is adjusted in manual mode by moving the disks left or right.
It has 2 vertical disks, one is used for splitting, and the other one is used to adjust the tile finish. The speed of the belt is controlled by an inverter.

Disks count (n.) 2
Useful cutting thickness (mm) 5-80
Useful cutting height (mm) 50-200
Useful splitting thickness (mm) 5-40
General power (kw) 23
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 3000×800×1300
Motor for the disk of splitting (RPM: 1420rotation) (Qty:2) 11.25
Motor for the disk of adjusting (RPM: 1420rotation) (Qty:2) 11.25
One Gearbox to move the belt (Qty:1) 0.5