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Template Copying Machine 2 Disks

Place of Origin: Al Baddawi – Lebanon
Ref: 0109/B Template Copying Machine 2 Disks
Brand Name: HUK
Model Number: HK-0109/B
Type: Stone & Marble Cutting Machine
Condition: New

This machine works as a template copying system. It has 2 disks.
First disk: It is installed in the upper side and it is used for the template copying system.
Second disk: it is installed in the lower side and it is used for sorting.
This machine works with full automatic system (PLC). The disk moves up and down, forward and backward automatically.

Upper disk diameter (mm) 300-400
Lower disk diameter (mm) 200
Useful cutting length (mm) 2900
Rails length (mm) 5000
Size of worktable (L×W) (mm) 2500×800
Main motor power (kw) 7.5
General power (kw) 15.75
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 5000×2000×1800
Motor for the upper disk (RPM: 2800rotation) (Qty:1) 7.5
Motor for the lower disk (RPM: 2800rotation) (Qty:1) 6
One Gearbox to move up and down (Qty:1) 0.75
One Gearbox to move right and left (Qty:1) 0.75
One Gearbox to move the table (Qty:1) 0.75